Mining Solid Waste Management

The treatment and disposal of solid waste and soil disposal soil recycling NJ should be among the main concerns of the mining area. As this is one of the most important sectors for the economy to move around the country, the sustainability of work must be paramount and solid waste management becomes strategic.

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The National Policy on Solid Waste establishes by the basic characteristics of companies are required to implement the Solid Waste Management Plan. Those that generate any kind of waste related to urban sanitation areas, domestic waste, hospital waste, chemical materials or that present a high degree of hazardousness fall as well as industries of all sizes and companies related to mining activities.

The document certifies the company’s ability to correctly manage all waste generated in its work processes, with the aim of minimizing generation, avoiding pollution of the environment or causing damage to public health. In addition, by doing management in a planned manner, reuse can be included, turning them into new sources of income and raw material for other activities.

In general, the mining production chain generates two types of solid waste: those from extraction (sterile) and those from treatment or beneficiation (tailings) but not only these types of waste that are generated in a mining plant. There are also effluents from treatment plants, tires, batteries used in vehicles and machinery, as well as scraps and waste oil in general.

All these materials need special attention at the time of destination. Typically, operations are in places that are difficult to access and far from structures common to urban areas, making the process of sending waste to a more expensive landfill than normal. Thus, investing in reuse, recycling and reuse of what is considered waste becomes not only an environmental but also an economic advantage.

Companies’ mission at this time has been to develop ways to reuse solid waste, with the challenge of turning it into mineral assets. Sectors such as construction are showing high potential for harnessing materials for the manufacture of ceramics, tiles and for paving roads.

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